Montréal Vitres Teintées uses Sunscape Select Designer Gray window films to reduce problems caused by heat and UV rays. Furthermore, Sunscape Select DG-55 films can be used by condominiums because they do not alter the exterior appearance of windows.

DG-55 reduces heat by up to 50% and UV rays by up to 99%. The Designer Gray 55 film is a simple way to prevent your furniture and floors from fading due to sun exposure and it increases the efficiency of your air conditioning system.

For its part, Designer Gray 35, which reduces up to 70% of heat and 99% of UV rays, is used to reduced sun glare because of its darker shade. It also provides more privacy during the day. However, it cannot be used in some condominiums, unlike Designer Gray 55 which has been widely accepted by Condo Boards.

When you install a Sunscape Select window film, you’ll be able to take full advantage of your view without having to close your blinds. It protects your belongings 24 hours a day.

Furthermore, it’s been designed to help you see better out of your windows at night because it reduces the glare caused by artificial light sources.

In the winter, the film helps the heat remain inside. And maintenance is a breeze. Simply wash your windows as you normally do but avoid using ammonia.

Sunscape Select window films will increase your level of comfort while preventing your furniture and floors from fading.